MY FAVORITE BLOCK: Daniel Armitage

Daniel Armitage — @danielarmitage

Co-owner of Armitage and McMillan and eCommerce Strategy & Performance Manager at Unis

My Favorite Block — Broadway and Ellsworth - South Broadway neighborhood

Welcome to MY FAVORITE BLOCK, Slifer — Denver’s interview series with locals, designers, and innovators making a positive dent in their communities. This month we are featuring an entrepreneur, previous operations manager and head buyer at UNIS in NYC and today he runs a men’s clothing and lifestyle store, Armitage and McMillan, meet Daniel Armitage.  A must stop in Denver, and as GQ states, “Denver’s best mens shop.”

I love the strip of South Broadway near Broadway and Ellsworth. I lived in a small studio apartment in a cool old building on the NE corner several years ago and I loved it. The building had tons of character, a cool old elevator, elaborate molding around every corner and doorway and it was full of even more interesting people. I could walk out the door and see people actually living in their neighborhood, meaning they hang out in the local shops and bookstores, they grab a slice at the pizza place and eat it as they walk around saying hi to the other locals. I think that was in 2007-2008 and, even though it has evolved a bit, it still has the same feel. And it still feels a little gritty, local and lived in, and I like that.

Steadbrook: This shop is a great compliment to the men’s clothing scene we’re all trying to cultivate in Denver. They have an amazing brand line-up, beautiful, clean aesthetic and have awesome coffee as well.

NOOCH Vegan Market: Not only is this place a blessing to all our animal friends but they have created a really nice space of and they support a lot of cool local food and beverage brands.

Hi-Dive: I’ve seen a ton of great music in that little space. And had some good sweet potato fries next door at their sister bar, Sputnik.

Hazel & Dewey: You can get a cast iron skillet, Kinfolk Magazine and hand made soap all in the same place, what’s not to love?

Fat Sully’s Pizza: A little further down the block, but it’s my favorite pizza by the slice on South Broadway.

Sweet Action Ice Cream: Open late, has ice cream sandwiches and Salted Butterscotch ice cream.


Five Questions, One Broker with Lindsay McBride

Lindsay McBride, Broker Associate at Slifer — Denver

What do you love most about being a broker at SSF Denver?  I love working in the Riverfront Park community.   Being a part of a thriving neighborhood and watching it grow over the past 11 years has been really special.  Also, walking through the neighborhood and seeing so many familiar faces and wonderful people.  And lastly, I love that Slifer is a part of this neighborhood and are the experts in helping homeowners buy and sell real estate.

What does a day off look like for you? I enjoy spending time with my husband and family. We usually try to spend as much time as possible in the mountains at our cabin.  It’s the perfect escape from my busy real estate career even if it’s just for 24 hours. 

Who are you currently inspired by? My mom!  She is an amazing woman and always has such a positive outlook on life.  She is so generous, caring, and loving and I aspire to be more like her every day. She helps keep me grounded when everything gets crazy in my life.

What is something about downtown Denver that most people don’t know about? Denver is one of only three cities to have all four major sports teams in their metropolitan area.  It is the only city that you can walk from downtown to all the sports venues.  So for the sports enthusiasts, Denver is the best place in the nation to be a fan! It’s great to grab dinner and then go see a game.

Tell us about a recent adventure? I recently traveled to Charleston, SC with a few of my best friends for a mini college reunion.  We had the best time exploring the city and eating all the great food.  I had no idea the beaches were so nice!  It was a great trip and I would love to go back.

Lindsay McBride,, (303) 618-3622


Bre Ortola — @alchemybre
My Favorite Block —
32nd and Lowell Street - Highlands neighborhood

Welcome to MY FAVORITE BLOCK, Slifer — Denver’s interview series with locals, designers, and innovators making a positive dent in their communities. This month we are featuring a beautiful soul, an entrepreneur, and a woman who has redefined the spa/salon experience to locals, celebrities, and even men of Boulder, meet Bre Ortola. 

“My favorite block in Denver is 32nd and Lowell. It was not only the first block I called home in Colorado eleven years ago, but as a 19-year-old girl new to the city, my roots were found. I lived in a loft above St. Kilians Cheese Shop for a while, the community had such a positive feel. An energy of locally driven people that was so inspiring to be around. The feel of this block is artistic, a unique creative pocket that is continually evolving and impacting the growth of surrounding neighborhoods like Tennyson and Berkeley. I am thrilled to share the places I love and support, as this block will always be part of my heart.”

Keep an eye out for Alchemy Face Bar’s second location opening in Tennyson neighborhood late December. 

Pinche TacosYou can’t go wrong with the margaritas  and tacos. 
Strut: This boutique has the best collection of unique shoes and labels you can’t find anywhere else in Denver. 
St. Kilians Cheese Shop: Let the experts pair everything for you, you won’t be disappointed! 
Rustic Threads: This shop has a great collection of  ponchos and sweaters, and not to mention the cozy vibes in their 500 square foot space.    
Cafe ZuriEnjoy French pastries and Novo Coffee, a local brand. 
Trattoria Stella: Date night. The perfect setting, ambiance, and Italian in the city.  

Five Questions, One Broker with Tanya Heller

Tanya Heller, Broker Associate at Slifer — Denver

What do you love most about being a broker at SSF Denver? Being aligned with a group of visionaries and talented individuals, there is so much knowledge to tap into.  Our team is inspiring as a whole and our culture reflects that daily. 

What are you thankful for this holiday season? My mother and my father.  At 84 and 85 years old, and married for 65 years, I am very thankful they are both doing so well. Our second granddaughter was born and the opportunities to spend time together has added great perspective of needed balance in my life.

What does a weekend look like for you? Ironically the life of a broker has no defined weekend, unless well planned, I find myself available and working in some capacity all of the time.  That said, there is flexibility in my schedule, which is what I love. I look forward to days without any kind of agenda.  Where spontaneous decisions can be made – whatever that may be. Movies, walks, naps…

Local Insider: What are you currently inspired by in downtown  Denver? The depth and breadth of construction in and around Union Station neighborhood.   It is amazing to walk and see the changes, the designs of new blocks, and the anticipation of Denver’s future.  Cannot wait! 

Tell us about your most recent trip... On the travel front, my husband, Brian, and I experienced our first visit to Costa Rica this past year. It was wonderful, because it was not the rainy season, we were able to maneuver miles and miles of roads, landscapes, and beautiful beaches. One of the most loveliest of trips I’ve been on. 

Tanya Heller, 

(303) 927.8867