Five Questions, One Broker with Joy Van Gilder

Joy Van Gilder shares a glimse of what it's like being part of the Slifer Denver team, what she is currently inspired by and an insider on downtown Denver that most locals don't know in Five Questions, One Broker.

Most exciting part about being a broker at SSF Denver… See new projects come to fruition and help clients find new spaces for the next steps in life.  

Name one thing we might not know about you…  I am a ginger with a soul… that is what my youngest son tells me.

Who are you currently inspired by… My two son’s.  They each have a unique way of looking at life’s journey.  I am continuously amazed by their interest and zest for what is next.

Local Insider: What is something about Downtown Denver that most people don’t know about … The first permanent structure in Denver was a saloon!

What is one thing on your “must do” list for 2016… Buy a home… for my family!