Five Questions, One Broker with Susan Chong

In ‘Five questions, One broker’ Susan Chong takes us on a typical day in her world, who she is currently inspired by, and a trip to Europe that gave her a new perspective on the life.

What do you love most about being a broker at Slifer — Denver? The team! We have so much in common - we love the city life, we treat each other with respect and help whenever we can, we are realtors with integrity, and we live for the opportunity to make a positive impact on someone’s life.

What does a typical day look like for you? These days, it starts around 6am when I begin to respond to emails. The days are jam-packed with contracts, negotiations, marketing, communications, and showings. Hopefully I get to eat lunch! After the work day, I spend a lot of time with friends who help me unwind and remind me of how fortunate we all are.

Who are you currently inspired by? I am inspired by those at the top of their industry who are able to balance work with their personal lives. Those who truly enjoy life, treat everyone with respect and generosity, doesn’t sweat the small stuff and handles tough situations with grace.  

Local Insider: What is something about Downtown Denver that most people don’t know about? Steam loops underground throughout downtown and it is the heat source for water for many buildings including Spire. Now you know why steam comes out of manholes in the winter time. Fun fact: Denver’s steam plant is located on 19th and Wewatta in the Union Station neighborhood.  

Tell us about your adventures through Europe last year… The trip itself was amazing - I visited eight countries and 26 cities and met unforgettable people - but it only made me miss home. My two-month journey was booked to give perspective on my life. Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing and am I living where I am supposed to be living? I realized quickly that I was already living the dream; I live in the incomparably beautiful Colorado and in Denver, a top-growing city and real estate market and am surrounded by incredibly loving friends, family and colleagues. Since my return, I have rededicated myself to the life I already lead and try to remember to appreciate the little things.

Susan Chong,

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