#MyFavoriteBlock: Tyler DuBois

Tyler DuBois, Co-Founder and Co-Owner,  The Real Dill

The Real Dill is Denver’s official pickle maker. What started as a low-key pickling hobby over five years ago has since become a delicious staple in the city’s food scene. Along with his business partner Justin Park, Colorado native Tyler DuBois runs the company, which now produces several varieties of pickles (jalapeño honey dills, anyone?) and the best bloody mary mix in town. And these guys are the epitome of creativity when it comes to flavors — they even have a recipe section on their blog with clever ways to use your leftover pickle juice in marinades, entrées, cocktails, and more.

We caught up with Tyler to talk about his favorite block in Denver and what it is about it that he loves so much.

My Favorite Block: 

“My favorite block is the stretch of Federal Blvd. between Kentucky and Mississippi. This stretch of Federal is a treasure trove of different cultures. On the same block you have people roasting green chiles, serving up huge bowls of Pho, and serving up handmade dumplings! Two of my favorite places to eat happen to be on the block: 

  • Pho Duy — Pho Duy is my go to pho place. The broth is always great and they do a great job with the tendon. 
  • Lao Wang — My other favorite is Lao Wang noodle house. They are famous for their quirky service, soup dumplings, and pot stickers. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!!”