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We are very honored for the praise and recognition we received from our cover shot on issue 8.4 in Luxury Home Magazine. The online digital version was sent to over 20,000 real estate agents in Colorado. This issue received as much national press as Carmelo Anthony's cover.  Representing the featured listing was our employing broker, Scott Leggett. This stunning Riverfront Brownstone is situated on Riverfront Park's finest stretch in downtown Denver.  A great thanks to Tahvory Bunting of Denver Image Photography for capturing the attention of thousands intrigued by the focal point of the single stringer staircase with the piano in the backdrop.  

 "Wow! The cover is so enticing; I just had to see the home with the gorgeous staircase and piano room! * This is the most unique cover I've seen! * It really stands out in the lobby of our office- always because of LHM's size, but the cover this issue is so striking! * I couldn't wait to take this issue on my listing presentation for a luxury property last week!" – anonymous fan of magazine 

Evan Miller joins Slifer Denver!

Q & A | Featuring Amy Cesario in this month's Broker Profile

In this Slifer Denver Broker Profile Amy Cesario talks about her 1930's home in West Wash Park, her connection with the Denver Nuggets and a trip to Italy that had her searching for family roots.   

What did you do before you found this career?

For over a decade I was with the Denver Nuggets working closely with the coaching staff and players. It was an exciting time. What you see on the court is only a small dimension of each of the players, and I feel like my son and I grew up with them. They had hearts of gold. We have amazing memories with our Nuggets family.

 Adventure you’re dying to take this year? 

I would love to go back to Italy to finish what I started. I took my second trip to Southern Italy in 2013 searching for the little town where my family is from. I spent two weeks exploring by myself. What an experience that was! There were a few days I didn’t encounter an English-speaking person because I was in such small towns. Their dialect was different enough that I had a hard time understanding their Italian, but it was so much fun muddling through, sometimes even using Google Translate to help. I traveled through northern Sicily and fell in love with the beaches there and there are a few more I’d like to experience on the southern side.

Vice you’ll never give up?

Coffee and yoga. Coffee is a must in my morning; I like it tall, dark and not too hot, because I like to taste it. Yoga keeps me grounded yet invigorated, creative and inspired. I try not to make important decisions immediately afterwards because I joke that I have ‘yoga brain’ for a short time; my brain doesn't seem to want to work right. I’m creative by nature and need a checklist to keep me on track, so I try to do yoga towards the end of my day. 

Tell us something about your home.

I love my 1930’s West Wash Park charmer. The shady front porch is awesome in the summer for people-watching. My backyard is full southern exposure and a perfect oasis for my pots of flowers, peppers, tomatoes, basil, oregano, and anything else I decide to experiment with each year. The original details, like the fireplace and doors, knobs, wood floors, windows, and interesting closets are far from perfect but they hold my belongings and have allowed me to nest to my heart’s content.

What is your go-to dinner spot in Denver? And what must we order?

I have so many favorites. I often walk to Gozo on Broadway. You can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. I like the experience and food at Work and Class. As a long-time Denver girl, I also love Famous Pizza. I don’t know how long it’s been around, but I remember eating there in high school.

What do you love most about Denver?

Most importantly family is here. Even though I’m not a fan of the cold and snow, I do appreciate our diverse weather. As social as I am, I enjoy having an occasional snow day to hibernate. I love that we have the ability to head to the mountains and take a day away from the city once in a while, and that we can get to either coast by plane in just a few hours. And I am in love with the way the city has gown, from land development and our shift in transportation needs to the way our citizens really do want the community to be better.


Q & A | Featuring Joy Van Gilder in this month's Broker Profile

In this Broker Profile, Joy Van Gilder talks about her highlight in real estate for 2014 and a vice she won't give up.

What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

Playing golf again.

A perfect Saturday in your eyes looks like?

Beignets & Coffee.

Your personal highlight in real estate for 2014? 

Ninja training. (

Your go-to restaurant? 

La Fogata. (Mexican restaurant featuring homemade recipes from North Central Mexico)

Last place you went on vacation? 


Vice you won’t give up? 


Current playlist? 

Zac Brown Band & George Straight.

What do you love most about Denver?

My entire family is here!