MY FAVORITE BLOCK: 11th and Ogden with Maloree Murphy

Welcome to MY FAVORITE BLOCK, Slifer — Denver’s interview series with locals, designers, and innovators making a positive dent in their communities. 
This month we are featuring the Hospitality Coordinatoor of Basecamp, the hub for Denver Startup Week, meet Maloree Murphy. Maloree's passion for cultivating relationships and connecting communities has led her to be part of some great companies whom have started in Denver. Her passion for community has also offered her a chance to sit on the Snooze Community Board. When she is not helping during the largest Startup week in the country, you will find Maloree as the face behind veselbrand's, brand development. “My favorite block is 11th and Ogden, because it is home to one of my favorite restaurants in Denver, Potager. Sometimes Cap Hill gets a bad wrap, but I have grown to embrace my hood." 
It is my absolute favorite restaurant in Denver. The menu changes every 4-6 weeks; the wine list is extensive, and to say that the people that work there understand hospitality would be an understatement. 

For all of the main reasons, but also because they cook food outside in the summers, invite different food trucks, and play music in the parking lot. 
If I want to have a cheat day and dip my pizza in ranch.

They serve the best coffee and almond milk lattes. I love the vibe there. 

Not a business, but they have farmers markets on Saturdays. I love to go there in the evenings as well. 

Is a casual and rustic environment, but insanely delicious. I used to go there every Sunday.

MY FAVORITE BLOCK: Larimer Street in the RiNo District with Chelsea Ruff

Welcome to MY FAVORITE BLOCK, Slifer — Denver’s interview series with locals, designers, and innovators making a positive dent in their communities. 
This month we are featuring a local who currently resides in RiNo neighborhood, meet Chelsea Ruff. Having studied entrepreneurship at Belmont University, no wonder she is working for one of the coolest startups in the country, Artifact Uprising; a VSCO company with roots in Denver. “I spend many of my evenings grabbing happy hours with friends, listening to live music or taking a walk on my favorite block, Larimer Street in the RiNo District.  I first fell in love with this neighborhood when I moved to Denver three years ago There was something about it that felt like it was begging for attention. Now that I call this neighborhood home, there is so much diversity, culture and creativity to be found! It has been so enlightening to live in this neighborhood and watch it go through renovation while maintaining to keep it’s charm.”
Love stopping by here to hang out on the patio and grab a craft cocktail or a bottle of wine. The best part is that if you get hungry there are food trucks on stand by! 

Their seasonal rotating menu has become one of my go-to’s. Loving their eggplant linguine right now!

(Not to be confused with the kitchen) A great place to catch open mic on Tuesday nights!

Dear You - need I say more?

If you needed a place to describe the word magical, this would be it.

Best place to pick up all your neutral clothing needs!

Five Questions, One Broker with Evan Miller

In ‘Five questions, One broker’ Evan Miller takes us on a typical day in his world, what he is currently inspired by and the insider on his newly popular “The Miller Monthly.”

Most exciting part about being a broker at SSF Denver… 

Helping clients reach their personal Real Estate objectives.  For some, it’s their first home and for others it’s adding to a large investment portfolio.  I have the privilege of doing this while being part of the number 1 boutique brokerage!  Slifer, Smith & Frampton - Denver was involved in over $102 million worth of transactions last year — making us the highest producing boutique brokerage in Denver (6-10 broker category) at the Denver Metro Association of Realtors’ Excellence Awards

What does a typical day look like for you…  

Coffee, gym, more coffee, showing properties, writing offers, attending inspections - appraisals - closings, an evening neighborhood walk with my girl and my dog, sleep, repeat. 

Who are you currently inspired by… 

SEAL, from “Living with a SEAL”, written by Jesse Itzler.  Why?  I think it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone.  Here are a couple of quotes…  Jesse: “SEAL, I have a problem, I didn’t bring any extra underwear.” SEAL: “So what?” Jesse: “I can’t run without underwear.” SEAL: “Nah, bro, you can’t run without legs. It’s on.” and…  “When you think you’re done, you’re only 40 percent done.” - SEAL

Local Insider: What is something about Downtown Denver that most people don’t know about … 

In 1902, the police at Denver Union Station started enforcing a “no kissing” rule on platforms because it slowed down the trains.  I wonder if this rule will resurface with the recent introduction of the train to the airport….?

I know you have lived in many great cities, what is your favorite one to visit?

San Francisco, In fact we’re heading back there soon for a visit.  We love seeing our friends, eating amazing food, visiting museums, going on runs, and the live music.  Oh, and did I mention the food? 

We heard you just launched The Miller Monthly… Tell us more...

The Miller Monthly is a collection of articles for friends and family, clients and colleagues to help keep them up-to-date on things in Denver.  It’s like “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”, except it’s once a month instead of once a week, it’s an email, not a TV show, and it’s a bit less left leaning.  Email me to get on the list.  Everybody’s doing it…

Evan Miller, 

(303) 601.1855


MY FAVORITE BLOCK: Colfax and Colorado to Colfax and Kalamath with Ashley Colburn

Ashley Colburn — Founder of SMASH beauty bar — @smash_beauty_bar (720) 394-5342

Welcome to MY FAVORITE BLOCK, Slifer Denver’s latest interview series with locals, designers, and innovators in our city. This month we are featuring Ashley Colburn, a Founder and Professional Makeup Artist in Denver. She gives the insider on her favorite block, Colfax and Colorado to Colfax and Kalamath. 

City Floral Denver - Love their plants and flowers! It’s a beautiful place filled with so much life and love.

Coffee Shop - East of Colfax. Mom and Pop type of coffee shop. It’s small and sweet. Latte lover for sure!

Decorables and Antiques - On Colfax. Filled with random finds. Picture frames are my favorite to pick and refurbish.

Marczyk Fine Wines | Marczyk Fine Foods - Super awesome place with an East Coast vibe! That’s probably why I like it so much. There is a lot of charm and character.

Photo credit: Ryan Lee - Design / Art Direction / Photography @thinktomake 

Our vision at SMASH beauty bar is simple; we enhance your natural beauty that radiates from within. By striking a balance between mind, body and spirit, we capture the essence of femininity in its purest form. Our technique allows us to illuminate individual style, drawing from your strength, courage, confidence, and inner light. SMASH beauty bar isn’t about covering or hiding your face; it’s about bringing your truest self to life and celebrating the beauty that is you.