Glass House loft closes

We are happy to share our own Lindsay McBride closed on her Glass House loft listing September 21st, 2015. Purchase price was $373,000. A great thanks to Brandon Del Campo at Steps Real Estate LLC fro bringing new residents to Denver's premier Riverfront Park.

1700 Bassett Street #512

MLS: #2121673

Broker Associate / Lindsay McBride

c. 303.618.3622 / 



You don't have to live in Boston or New York to own a Brownstone. Thanks to our sister company East West Partners and an architect named Humphries Poli for designing this enclave of 16 private residences in 2005. These homes surround an English garden with the finest level of interior finish and architecture. Explore our three Brownstones in Riverfront Park we currently have on the market. 

Price: $2,399,000

Listing broker: Lindsay McBride of Slifer Denver / / c 303.618.3622

Address: 1808 Little Raven Street

MLS: #9934061

Price: $2,450,000

Listing broker: Scott Leggett of Slifer Denver / / c 303.817.7320

Address: 1812 Little Raven Street

MLS: #4375360

Price: $1,795,000

Listing broker: Scott Leggett of Slifer Denver / / c 303.817.7320

Address: 2137 18th Street

MLS: #9665455




In this Slifer Denver Broker Profile Amy Cesario talks about her Vespa Club, insider on a typical day in the Slifer Denver office and a vice she will never give up.

Most exciting part about being a broker at Slifer Denver... We have a small but mighty team of brokers who are all so completely different. Our team expands beyond the brokers to the staff and partners who help keep us moving in the right direction, whether it is with our clients, our marketing or social events. I love our energy, our different opinions and vast knowledge and experiences in life and in real estate.  

Name one thing we might not know about you... I rode on one of the Fire Engines with one of the Avalanche players during the first Stanley Cup Parade. I was in charge of making sure he made it to each of his destinations that day. All of us chaperons were told that we were not allowed to ride in the firetruck we were to meet them at the end of the parade, but the firemen weren’t leaving without me! They said, “this is once in a life time, you aren’t following the rules today!” I rode in front, while the player was on top of the engine. I’m pretty sure this was the beginning of my 20 year love affair with all Denver firemen.

What’s a typical day look like in the Slifer Denver office... Hustling….agents in and out, clients in and out, neighborhood people popping in to ask questions about all the developing going.  I like to be in for a couple hours a day to catch up on computer and paperwork, but everyone is so fun, I sometimes end up hanging out all day if I don’t have other appointments.

We hear you are part of a Vespa Club... Tell us more I had my Vespa for about a month and I decided to ride on the largest group of Scooter riders in Denver (200+ riders). At that ride I met a few other guys who had Vespas and decided we would start our own “gang”. You see, we love coffee, wine, Italian beer and we like short rides discovering different things around Denver. We’ve done rides discovering new and old Public Art, new coffee shops, a southern ride over the Cherry Creek Dam road, a trip through 6 new coffee shops,  several large parks, we’ve talked about cruising a few architecturally interesting neighborhoods. We all take turns being the lead. We aren’t serious long riders, we take breaks, we stop to take photos, we stop to eat, drink or whatever else we decide to do along the way to have fun. To be a part of the gang you must own a Vespa, be fun and like to try new things especially if they are Italian.  Our Facebook page is

Vice you’ll never give up... Yoga. 

Who would play you in a movie... Marisa Tomei

Best meal you’ve ever eaten... Oh gosh, there was amazing night in Paola, Calabria, another in Cefalu in Sicily, there have been so many, I think the best meals are about who you are with and being daring and new experiences, but then I love my mom’s lasagna, nothing better than food and good people to share it with.

A perfect Saturday looks like... Coffee, scooter ride, yoga, accepted offers, a whiskey or beer and people watching on a patio. And that can be anywhere in the world.

What has been the highlight of your career... Being part of an office of brokers who shared, cared and empowered each other to be better every day.

Next vacation... Includes a beach, suntan oil, good company and no plans.



In this Slifer Denver Broker Profile Lindsay McBride talks about her mountain oasis, insider on a typical day in the Slifer Denver office and her love for romantic comedies. 

Most exciting part about being a broker at Slifer Denver:  Getting the opportunity to work with walk in’s.  People come into our sales office to check out our scaled model of downtown.  I’ve met people from all over the world stopping through Denver.  I love meeting new people and helping them learn about Denver and Riverfront Park.  Our office has such a great retail location you never know who will walk through the doors!

Super-power you’d want for a day: Being able to fly!   I love to SCUBA dive because you see the world from a different point of view.  Flying around and seeing the world from up high would be amazing!

What is your favorite movie or book:  I’m a hopeless romantic and can’t get enough love stories.  So whatever chick-flick is on I'll probably love.  

What do you do on your free time: I spend time with my wonderful husband and dogs.  We try to spend as much time outside as possible with the great Colorado weather.  I also have been spending a lot of time with my new nephew, Colby, he was born at the end of June and is pretty adorable!

Name one thing we might not know about you:  I get grumpy when I don’t eat on time especially at  lunch!  I need to eat at 12:00 not 12:01.   I try my best to not schedule showings around noon.  I don’t want to get “hangry” with a client!!!

What’s a typical day look like in the Slifer Denver office: We have a great group of brokers that are so fun to work with.  Usually there are about 3 or 4 brokers in the office on the phone, setting showings, bouncing new marketing ideas off each other and responding to emails.  It’s busy, but I’m a believer that activity breeds activity so I love working in the office as much as possible.  

We hear you have a mountain oasis … Tell us more:  My husband and I found a small cabin in Tabernash (near Winter Park) that we fell in love with last summer.  It has incredible views and is the perfect escape from the craziness of this real estate market.  We put in a hot tub last summer and there is nothing better than having a cocktail while watching the sunset!

And never be afraid… to do the right thing.  Always put your clients first and you will be rewarded with a successful business.

What has been the highlight of your career:  It’s hard to pick one moment.  I feel that every closing when I have a happy buyer or seller is a highlight.  I’m lucky to get a bunch of those every year.  

Summer real estate market.. Your take on why Denver is so hot this year: I know we’ve been talking about this for years, but inventory is still really low.  Denver is seeing huge population growth causing demand to stay high and our market really hot!  Denver is a great place to live so unless we can start building more houses and condos for sale I see this trend continuing for a while.

Lindsay McBride / Broker Associate

Slifer, Smith & Frampton - Denver, Inc.

M. 303.618.3622 cell  /