Five Questions, One Broker: Sara Garza


Sara Garza, Broker Associate at Slifer — Denver

Name one thing we might not know about you.

I’m addicted to pho! I eat it at least once a week, if not twice. Depending on what type of pho I’m craving, I usually alternate between a few of my favorite spots on South Federal. For beefy pho, it’s Pho 95. For veggie, it’s Tony’s Pho. And for shrimp, it’s Pho Le. And, if I don’t have time to make it that far south, I’ll head for Pho Fusion in West Highlands on 38th. Hopefully one day we’ll get a great pho spot a little closer to Union Station!

What are you inspired by in downtown Denver? 

I love that Denver continues to focus on building community throughout the rapid growth we’ve seen downtown. The city is always looking for ways to engage and connect with residents and visitors alike, with fun things like art installations, pop-up parks, and community events. I think Denver has always been a special place, largely thanks to the kindness of those who live here, and it’s inspiring to see that same love and goodness thriving as we continue to grow. 

What’s your go-to spot in Denver? 

One of my favorite spots in Denver is the Oxford Spa, a little hidden gem by Union Station. I love how peaceful and calm it is there, despite being in the middle of the city. It’s a great place to relax with a massage, facial, or a few minutes in their huge steam room. Plus, their prices are great and it’s usually easy to get in for an appointment, even at the last minute. (Insider Tip: you can use their gym the day of your scheduled service if you ask ahead of time!)

What are you the most excited about in life right now? 

This spring, my 19-year-old daughter is moving back to Colorado! She’s been living in San Diego while she finished school and just decided she wants to move back to Denver to settle in and plant her roots. I’m so excited to have my workout and mani/pedi buddy back! I was a young single mom when I raised her, so we are very close and the fact that she’s coming back this way excites me more than anything in the world right now. 

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

It’s been so much fun following all of the development in Downtown Denver. I’m particularly excited to see The Coloradan come to life by Union Station this year. I’ve loved watching them add more and more of the design details and can’t wait to see what restaurant, coffee shop, or cool new fitness space will be going into the retail spaces. I have a good number of clients and friends purchasing in the building, so the housewarming season there is going to be off the charts!

Sara Garza,, (720) 499-4937

#MyFavoriteBlock: Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan, Owner-Operator, BookBar

If you’ve never been to BookBar, put it on your list. Part bookstore, part wine bar, this gem on Tennyson Street is comfy and cozy, with that perfect neighborhood vibe. We caught up with BookBar’s owner, Nicole Sullivan, to get the inside scoop on her favorite block in Denver:

“My favorite block is, naturally, the block where I spend most of my waking hours: Tennyson Street from 42nd to 44th. Two of my businesses are located there, BookBar and BookBed (our author and book lover B&B above the bookstore wine bar). 

This block is full of a variety of locally owned businesses. Directly across the street from us is Lalu, a creative arts studio. Right next door to Lalu is Real Baby. We collaborate with them on our monthly Real Baby story time where, you guessed it, we present a story time for babies and provide Real Baby coupons to attendees. Ooh Ahh Jewelry and Sarah O. Jewelry (both by the same owner) carries my favorite jewelry in Denver. 

My go to lunch spot is Biju’s Little Curry Shop for a fast, healthy lunch when I can get out of my store. 

This great new gallery just opened up called Tesoro Gallery. They just moved up here from Santa Fe Art Disctrict. They have some fabulous art, home goods, and jewelry as well. They often feature tea leaf readings, too! And right across from them is Berkeley Untapped, a great little bar with a fantastic owner. 

A little further up the street is Feral Mountain Company, a boutique outdoors outfitter, and Spruce Men’s Clothier and styling shop. Both Feral and Spruce have very energetic, forward thinking owners. 

Two of my favorite restaurants (and where you will likely find me if I’m not in my store) are El Chingon and Parisi. Both restaurants do what they do better than anyone else and always welcome you as if you are family. 

The block wouldn’t be complete without the iconic Oriental Theater. One of NW Denver’s staple venues, it is always producing fun and innovative shows from authors to classic to punk musicians; from community parties to large screen movies. There aren’t too many blocks in Denver that can boast this much locally owned, authentic variety and I feel so very lucky to be a part of it.”

Five Questions, One Broker: Amy Cesario

Amy Cesario, Broker Associate at Slifer — Denver

What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Taking time to be with family and having as many in one room as possible – Christmas Eve Dinner at my parents’ house is that special night that we all are together and present.

Name one thing we might not know about you. I love collecting Santa Clauses. I have hundreds of them from all over the world.

Local Insider: What are you currently inspired by in downtown Denver? The Coloradan. It offers the opportunity to help people buy a brand new condo in the heart of Denver. 

What’s your go-to spot in Denver? Cherry Creek – We have so many new restaurants but I like going to places that have been there for years and knowing I can get the same pasta I did 7 years ago. Kind of comforting, like going to Grandmas.

Winter is here! What’s your favorite winter activity in/around Denver? Having a glass of bourbon near the fire with friends, maybe bake a lasagna or make homemade pasta. I love Denver because the snow melts the next day! You won’t find me outside enjoying winter activities unless the sun is out and it’s a 65+ degree day. I’ve never skied or done any outdoor winter sports and I’ve never had any desire to.

Bonus Question: What’s the best new restaurant/bar you’ve tried lately? I haven’t tried anything new lately, but I am excited to check out Izakaya Ronin, because I love Japanese Whiskey... 

Amy Cesario,, (303) 995-3180

Five Questions, One Broker: Nic Leggett

Nic Leggett, Broker Associate at Slifer — Denver 

Name one thing we might not know about you.

This may be cheating, but I’m not just a broker — I am somewhat of a serial entrepreneur. I have my own architectural and graphic design firm (NicholasCutler), I founded a natural skin care company with my mom (Plus Modern Skin), and I also just started a travel blog called Chouf Chouf. So if I’m not out on a showing, I’m either drawing something, testing out a new skin care formula, or planning a trip!

What’s your go-to spot in Denver?

I lived in China for a bit in college, so I’m continuously searching for the tastes I remember from my time there. Luckily for me (and for you), there’s a great little Chinese joint on Federal called Lao Wang. It is absolutely authentic, complete with somewhat brusque service and zero ambiance — but trust me, the food is worth it. Get the pan-fried dumplings, a few orders of xiao long bao (soup dumplings) and a beer, custom-brewed by Caution Brewing Co. with five-spice and chilies.

What’s your favorite fall activity? 

Mark (my fiancé) and I love to cook, so we throw a lot of dinner parties in the fall — something about the cooler temperatures make gathering with friends and family extra cozy. One of our go-to fall menus is a huge assortment of cured meats, cheeses, olives, fresh baguettes, with lots of roasted veggies and salads — easy, casual and zero-stress. Light a ton of candles and open a few bottles of wine and you’re set.

What are you the most excited about in life right now? 

As previously mentioned, I am a bit of a travel addict and I’m really excited about our upcoming trips! We just went to Mexico in November — split our time between a restored palace in Mexico City, a water purification plant-turned-boutique hotel in Puebla, and a luxurious retreat on a lime plantation in San Rafael, Veracruz. On the book next: Minot and Santa Fe with our families for the holidays, then L.A. in January, and London / Paris in February for my birthday! (And just took a little trip to Montréal!)

What’s the best new restaurant you’ve tried lately?

My favorite new restaurant has to be Citizen Rail at the Hotel Born. We’ve been both for drinks and for dinner and I can’t wait to get back ASAP. As a designer, the interiors are top-notch, with a menu to match. I’d recommend any of their dry-aged steaks, and I had truly perfect duck as well. I’m eager to try their new brunch menu — anyone game?

Nic Leggett,, (720) 626-0921