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The Power of 27: Enhancing Your Personal Space

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that’s all about harnessing the power of the natural elements within your space in empowering and efficient ways. It aims to balance the energies that flow throughout your home, repositioning furniture and other objects to balance the energy for optimal wealth, good health, and happiness.

One of our long-time brokers, Joy Van Gilder, doubles as an experienced interior designer with a background in home staging. She often uses the art of Feng Shui in order to help refresh her space and make things feel more aligned.

If you’re looking to harness some good energy right now, take a page out of Joy’s book. Here’s her go-to advice for creating positive change in your home:

“Whenever I am feeling stuck or want a change, I move 27 things in my home or personal space in order to help create a positive change throughout the energy (chi) of my home. The number 9 is regarded as an auspicious number in some Feng Shui schools of practice, and 27 is a multiple of 9. Also, when you add the numbers 2+7, as in numerology, they add up to 9.”


Here are 27 ideas for things to move around in your home:

  1. Move the dog bed to a new corner.
  2. Move a plant to a different window.
  3. Move the tea kettle to a different burner on the stove top or a different outlet on your counter.
  4. Change out all your candles within the candle holders. Try switching them out for different color or scent.
  5. Change out the fruit in the fruit bowl. (Go for bright, cheerful-colored fruit).
  6. Move one thing on the mantel just two inches. Or go big and rearrange everything on the mantel.
  7. Put a bell on the door you use the most to bring positive energy into your home.
  8. Rearrange books on shelves or tables. (This could add up quickly!)
  9. Move the bedside lamp one inch closer to you, or even just pick it up and put it back in place (you can clean underneath it while you’re at it).
  10. Move the location where you keep the mail or put it in a different bin or basket.
  11. Throw out food past the prime date.
  12. Throw out vitamins past the prime date.
  13. Rearrange coats in the coat closet/hooks or pack some away if you don’t need right away.
  14. Time to donate the “classic" clothes in your closet! Try donating 27 clothing items.
  15. Pick two pieces of art and switch their locations. That counts for two!
  16. Put out a fresh, clean hand towel.
  17. Vacuum the entry rug, move and sweep/vacuum under the rug, and then put it back in place. (This is a good thing to do under all your furniture.)
  18. Refill the hand soap dispenser because it is probably getting low by now.
  19. Move your pet’s water dish…you may need to move it back if they get testy.
  20. Move your partner’s reading glasses to a new location. (This could be fun!)
  21. Move the welcome mat to the back, side or garage door to welcome yourself home since there aren’t too many visitors to your front door right now.
  22. Find a new hiding spot for the stash of toilet paper.
  23. Move your laptop.
  24. Move the footstool.
  25. Move the remote (but remember where you put it!).
  26. Flip the couch cushions in order to avoid permanent indentations.
  27. Move the bottle of wine from the fridge onto the dining table and enjoy a drink…only after the virtual workday is over, of course. 😉

There are not many rules to this exercise, but embracing the basic idea can make a big difference in your home. And make it fun! Play some music while you’re clearing and cleaning, or ring a bell for each item you rearrange to bring some extra good chi. Take before and after pictures, too, as these always help you feel super productive afterward.

Have fun and be creative! And no matter what, be sure to make 27 conscience changes!

Joy Van Gilder, (303) 908-5325,

Photos sourced from Unsplash.