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Tell us about a neighborhood in Denver you want to spend more time in.

I love County Club this time of year—the changing leaves give the neighborhood as much color as the flowers do all summer, filling the streets with their soft crunch and gentle blow. Whether I’m taking a leisurely scooter or bike ride or just walking on foot, I love enjoying crisp cool mornings and hot afternoons among the 100-year-old trees there. 

What’s your favorite restaurant in town right now?

Cho 77. The flavors tantilize your tongue and the music is loud and fun. It gets crowded after 7pm though, so make a reservation early!

What excites you the most about being in Denver?

It’s exciting to see so many entrepreneurs realize their dreams in our city, and to see the city through their eyes. Time and time again when I’m out showing houses, I’m so surprised to hear what people (entrepreneurs or not) have to say about the different neighborhoods. I’ve lived here my whole life so some things have almost just blended in to me over the years, and it’s fun to see what really stands out to people  who are looking at the city with fresh eyes. I love that! 

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this fall?

I always love the changing of the season, but this fall is particularly exciting as I have two fun trips planned in October. First, I’m heading to Las Vegas to speak on a real estate marketing panel. Then, it’s across the country to Boston where a small group of brokers from around the world are getting together to share best practices and new cutting edge ideas in marketing and networking.

What inspires you right now?

Our city’s growth and change (ongoing construction and all). As a Denver native, I grew up wanting to eventually move to  a big city. Now I don’t have to! // (303) 995-3180