5 Questions 1 Broker: Evan Miller

Five Questions, One Broker: Evan Miller

Evan Miller, Broker Associate at Slifer Denver

What are you currently inspired by in Denver? Food. When I returned to Colorado in 2011 after a few years in CA, (specifically San Francisco), I was a little worried about finding fun, inspiring restaurants to keep my calorie intake up. Well, let’s just say that hasn’t been an issue…

Name one thing on your 2018 bucket list. Travel. From a high level, I want to spend money on experiences instead of things. Passport, check. CLEAR, check. Global Entry, check. Destination: Unknown.

What’s your go-to spot in Denver? For coffee, Allegro and Downpours on Tennyson are both a block from my house, so that’s an easy one. There are so many great other coffee shops, but to make it easy on myself, I stuck with my neighborhood. My go-to restaurant is a tough one…there are just too many great options! But my stand-out has to be Hop Alley.

What’s your favorite patio in Denver? I’m going out on a limb here because this place literally just opened, and I have yet to even visit… Tres Chiles, don’t let me down! Large garage doors that open to the west, unobstructed views, tequila, a block from my house — what more could I want?

What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer? Eating outside on a patio or rooftop with my girl, Red Rocks concerts with friends, and hiking with my lady to name a few. I’m hoping to add in much more golf and tennis this year, too!

emiller@sliferdenver.com // (303) 601-1855
In loving memory of Ono, the best boy dog in the world. 2005—2018