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Hudson Hill, Photo by Luke Gottlieb of Victor Of Valencia

Five Years, Two Spaces, One Team

When Jake Soffes first moved to Denver in 2013, he went looking for places to casually spend time with friends and colleages, but found them few and far between. In an attempt to fill the void, he started Hudson Hill, the now-beloved coffee-meets-cocktails hangout in the heart of Capitol Hill. We caught up with Jake to find out a little bit more about what went into the impeccable design of Hudson Hill and its new LoHi sister space, Lady Jane.  

What was the inspiration behind the design of Hudson Hill? 

Jake Soffes: Relevance is the key word when designing a space for hospitality, specifically speaking to what you will be serving and who you will be serving it to. Hudson Hill was challenging as the space needed to be clean and bright for daytime service while having a little romance to it once the lights were dim. Hudson was designed with the bright material palette of a European coffee shop, offset by large natural wood slabs, plants, photography and Navajo rugs that provide warmth, and a sense of intimacy.

What about Lady Jane? How did that design differ from Hudson Hill?

I wanted to keep a similar ethos and palette to Hudson, yet make it more design forward and upscale as the space is designed exclusively for evening cocktail service. When I took a look at how to specifically define this, all arrows pointed to Frank Lloyd Wright and the Mid-Century design movement. Lady Jane’s design hails strongly from Frank’s work and the architecture of Palm Springs. Both spaces are laid out to cultivate intimacy, so you will find as many corners and nooks as we could fit, while maintaining a line of sign with the rest of the room. You can be intensely focused on the individual or group you arrived with and/or keep an eye on the people and activity around you if you like.

Hudson Hill, Photos by Luke Gottlieb of Victor Of Valencia

Is there a story behind the names? 

Hudson Hill is named after my two homes — Hudson (New York) and Capitol Hill — and speaks to our role as a New York-style bar in the middle of Denver. Lady Jane is named after my Aunt Jane, who spent time in the studio and on the road with the Rolling Stones in the ’70s and ’80s. She has some fun stories to tell!

What are you the most proud of with these two concepts? 

The staff. I would highly recommend making friends with your barista or bartender. Everyone is passionate and creative and will gladly tailor your experience to your tastes, or expand your palate 

Lady Jane, Photos by Luke Gottlieb of Victor Of Valencia

Hudson Hill // 619 E 13th Avenue // 

Lady Jane // 2021 W 32nd Avenue //