MY FAVORITE BLOCK: Larimer Street in the RiNo District with Chelsea Ruff

Welcome to MY FAVORITE BLOCK, Slifer — Denver’s interview series with locals, designers, and innovators making a positive dent in their communities. 
This month we are featuring a local who currently resides in RiNo neighborhood, meet Chelsea Ruff. Having studied entrepreneurship at Belmont University, no wonder she is working for one of the coolest startups in the country, Artifact Uprising; a VSCO company with roots in Denver. “I spend many of my evenings grabbing happy hours with friends, listening to live music or taking a walk on my favorite block, Larimer Street in the RiNo District.  I first fell in love with this neighborhood when I moved to Denver three years ago There was something about it that felt like it was begging for attention. Now that I call this neighborhood home, there is so much diversity, culture and creativity to be found! It has been so enlightening to live in this neighborhood and watch it go through renovation while maintaining to keep it’s charm.”
Love stopping by here to hang out on the patio and grab a craft cocktail or a bottle of wine. The best part is that if you get hungry there are food trucks on stand by! 

Their seasonal rotating menu has become one of my go-to’s. Loving their eggplant linguine right now!

(Not to be confused with the kitchen) A great place to catch open mic on Tuesday nights!

Dear You - need I say more?

If you needed a place to describe the word magical, this would be it.

Best place to pick up all your neutral clothing needs!