Wash Park

Wash Park

Wash Park is one of Denver's most popular parks. With miles of gravel running trails around the perimeter, two lakes in its center, and acres of lawn prime for summer volleyball leagues, family picnics, sunbathing, or reading your novel de jour, it’s the place to be on a gorgeous Denver day.
The neighborhood surrounding the park is just as idyllic. Home to tree-lined streets fronted by cottage homes, bungalows, and wonderful Denver Squares, it’s a charming section of town where children ride their bikes down seemingly endless sidewalks. Where whole streets are closed for block parties and neighbors relax on their front porches. It’s no wonder Wash Park is one of the most beloved neighborhoods in the entire city.

Colorado, for sushi?

When people think of dining in Denver, they most likely dream of a 14 oz Porterhouse. But Sushi Den has made quite the splash. Called one of the best sushi restaurants in the country by Frommer’s, the restaurant is the brain child of three brothers: Toshi (the chef), Yasu (the operator), and Koichi (the fish guy). Each morning at 4:00 am in Fukuoka, Japan, Koichi visits the fish market, selects the best of the catch, and ships it Denver. Less than 24 hours later, that same fish is served to you in some of the most fresh, innovative and awe-inspiring combinations you’ll find on any side of the Mississippi.

Old South Gaylord Street

The second oldest shopping district in Denver, South Gaylord is lined with boutiques, sporting goods stores, gift shops, fine art galleries and endless dining options. Residents of Wash Park can walk to this quaint street from almost anywhere in the neighborhood for a quick brunch at Devil’s Food, pampering at one of the salons, shopping at Sarah boutique or a date night at Max’s or the Wash Park Grille. Lit up with twinkly lights over the holidays, Old South Gaylord takes on a charming, warm outdoor ambiance all its own, no matter how chilly the weather gets. It’s certainly a gem of Wash Park worth exploring.

The place to park

Whether you’re looking to entertain the kids, out-of-towners, or yourself, Wash Park can deliver. In addition to all the activities it offers—including tennis courts, basketball courts, a Rec center, running and biking trails, paddle boats, fishing ponds and more—the park is home to gorgeous flower gardens, including an exact replica of Martha Washington’s garden at Mt. Vernon. It’s a tribute to George, for whom the park is named. Not only is the park the center and hub of this family-focused neighborhood, it welcomes residents from all over the city on any of Denver’s 300 sunny days for outdoor lounging, exercising and socializing. It’s such a popular place to play, it’s said there are at least 700 balls in the air at Washington Park at any given time.

Wash Park Boathouse

Architect Jules Jacques Benedict built this spacious, outdoor pavilion in 1913 on the south shore of Smith Lake, with a spectacular view of Washington Park’s legendary flower beds and broad landscape that personifies the ‘City Beautiful Era’ of Denver’s early years.  The house serves as the hub of activity for the park, a place to rent paddle boats, a place for a picnic, a place to meet friends for a run. A place to spend a perfect Sunday.