Buckley Row

Buckley Row

Something new at Lowry.

Tailored space, remarkable place. 

Buckley Row is a community of move-in ready, flexible and undeniably urban rowhomes. A cozy and social neighborhood surrounded by the city at large. Buckley Row is crafted for modern life -- adaptable, warm and classic without pretension. 

Come and see it for yourself! Our model home is open at 6829 E Lowry Blvd. 

Want to know more on this project? Visit  BuckleyRow.com

Your new home awaits.


A new kind of neighborhood. A medium-density, mixed­-use neighborhood with its own distinct urban vibe, Boulevard One promises to be Lowry's most walkable, livable community yet. At Boulevard One, residents will reach for their sneakers instead of their car keys. Picking up dinner, meeting for coffee, visiting the salon, playing in Crestmoor Park or any of the many parks nearby, and walking the dog are right outside their door. Not to mention you are 15 minutes from Downtown and the Denver Tech Center. And just like the rest of Lowry, Boulevard One is well-served by public transportation routes and stops, making commuting easier.

For more information on Boulevard One, visit: BoulevardOneLowry.com 



To view these floorplans please go to BuckleyRow.com


More than just a rowhome.  Here are some of things we are working on for your new home:

FRESH & CLEAN INDOOR AIR – We have made conscience decisions regarding the air you breathe in your home to make it as clean as possible.

NATURAL LIGHT – Your residence has been designed to have the most optimal natural light for your views and to reduce your dependency on the need for interior lighting.

SUSTAINABLE MATERIAL CHOICES – Throughout the design phase, we spent the time to carefully select the materials in your home that are local, regional and are not harmful to the environment. 

HOME ENERGY RATING SYSTEM (HERS) INDEX – The HERS Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. We are designing your home to achieve a HERS 50 rating. 

Our Team

Three great teams have come together to build one great neighborhood. 

East West Partners is devoted to building, selling, managing and supporting high-quality real estate in the communities in which they operate. 

BuildMark is a results driven project management and real estate development company. 

Sprocket Design Build, Inc. is a premier, cross-disciplinary problem solver, offering design-driven architecture, engineering and construction services. Sprocket is one of a very few vertically-integrated firms in the country, whose work encompasses all phases of project planning and execution.