Cute and Walkable

We're so excited to have a new listing on Logan Street, and not just because we always get excited when we get a new listing.  522 Logan, which is part of a duplex, was built almost 100 years ago.  Over the past five years, its owner has made a big number of little changes to bring the home's historic character.  The result is an incredibly affordable home with a great sense of style a huge roster of neighbors.


The home sits just off of Sixth Avenue.  As such, it's easy to carry an exta large pepporoni pizza home from Angelo's, to zip over to the Cherry Creek bike path on your new cruiser, or, join some friends for happy hour at Lala's Wine Bar.  It's also seconds from a great bus stop, making your commute into downtown as easy as grabbing the paper and letting someone else drive you into the heart of the city.

Inside, the home is all about details.  Whether it's the incredible trim or the perfectly detailed built-ins, the 522 Logan just calls out for the Design*Sponge treatment.

For more information and a bunch of other photos, click here.