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Therapy Gardening

One of our long-time brokers, Amy Cesario, loves to garden. Over the years, her garden has flourished and blossomed in ways that she could have never imagined, growing and evolving into much more than just a garden.

Amy has always had a passion for gardening. When her son Alex was little, she began by potting plants and colorful flowers. Starting small, she was surprised by how much she enjoyed tending to her flowers and watching them grow.

Years later, after the loss of her mother, Amy had the sudden urge to plant her flowers and tend to the soil. She started by toiling the soil, planting seedlings, and watching it grow. Something about working the soil with her hands made her feel calm and at peace. Amy says, “It’s amazing how sometimes in life if you need to grow and work through something, your garden can serve as a space for your own personal growth. When my mom died, I spent time nurturing my soil and I could feel myself growing with my flowers.”

Over the years, Amy has continued to find joy through her gardening. It’s her favorite way to calm her mind and a great way to express her inner creativity. She’ll play with different flowers, especially when she finds that her garden needs more color or depth, and loves to watch how it all blooms and evolves over the years. She says, “It’s amazing, some years my garden requires more nurturing and tender care, and other years it just flourishes all by itself. Usually, those are the years that I’m too busy and having so much success with my career.” A beautiful parallel, we think.

Now, with the world-changing all around us, it feels like the perfect to time replant our roots, tend to the soil, and nurture our souls. Sometimes it’s in these moments when we’re forced to stand still that we plant the most impactful seeds of growth and change.


Here are some of Amy’s tips for getting your garden started:

  • I always plant once a year right after Mother’s Day. It’s a good rule of thumb, especially with Colorado’s unpredictable weather. This minimizes any risk of freezing if we get one of our late spring storms.
  • Be sure the plants you choose can handle A LOT of sunshine. If they’re shady plants, they’re likely to get scorched in Denver’s July heat.
  • Check out these key tips on gardening in Colorado's climate from local farmers here
  • Make your garden low maintenance by planting perennials that self-seed themselves every year and don’t require much upkeep.
  • Some of my favorite plants are hens and chicks. They’re great for filling the in the gaps in your garden. I also LOVE tulips – any type of bulb plant is great because they bloom early.
  • Tomatoes and peppers are great to mix in with your flowers because they add more height and depth to your garden. An easy shortcut is planting your tomatoes in their own pot and mixing them into your garden.
  • I also love daisies, black-eyed Susan’s, butterfly bushes, milk-weed, basil, lavender!
  • Once you’ve decided on which seeds you need, give City Floral a call. They’re a great local shop that are currently offering delivery and curbside pickup for seeds, plants, and supplies. — (303) 339-1177
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Have questions about how to start your own garden? Amy is a great resource and is always happy to help.

Amy Cesario, (303) 995-3180,

Photos sourced from Unsplash.