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What to do in Denver for Valentine's Day

Whether you’re a romantic-at-heart, or strictly an Anti-V-Day advocate, there’s no denying that this heartfelt holiday brings out the best (or worst) in all of us. Well, if you like it or not, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and regardless of your feelings on the divided holiday, it’s definitely best to plan ahead 

Maybe you’re planning to casually hang out with the person you “kind-of have a thing with” or spend the night appreciating your long-time partner-in-crime, there’s plenty of ways to celebrate in Denver. Also, if you’re reading this and fall into neither of those camps, don’t fret! Because it’s 2020 and we all know that self-care is the highest form of love, don’t shy away from using this Valentine’s Day to celebrate yourself. 

So, here’s the big question, where should I celebrate Valentine’s Day in Denver this year? Well of course, there’s always plenty to do in Mile-High City. Check out our list of Valentine’s Day event below:


For the Singles Who Are Ready to Mingle:

  • For those in the Anti-Valentine’s Day camp, celebrate at Infinite Monkey Theorem’s Anti-Valentine’s Day party! Admission is free, but be sure to RSVP here to save your spot.
  • If you’d rather just celebrate by yourself this Valentine’s Day, go you! Remember that your relationship with yourself is the strongest relationship you’ll ever have, so don’t shy away from the importance of self-care this holiday. Head to Temper Chocolates in Denver Central Market to treat yourself to a delicious hand-crafted chocolate.

For Those that “Kind-of Have a Thing”: 

  • Be sure to do something fun, flirty, and casual! If you want to keep it budget-friendly, pop over to the light-up mini golf at Monster Mini Golf in Centennial. It’ll keep things light-hearted and fun, and who doesn’t love a little friendly (or flirty) competition. And hey, maybe the winner buys drinks. 😉  
  • Another great option would be the Chocolate and Beer Tasting at Denver Beer CoGet your $20 ticket here and enjoy five hand-crafted chocolates paired with Denver Beer Co. brews. Does it get any better than beer and chocolate?!? 

For the Semi-Serious Couple: 

If you’re looking for a special date night on the towncheck out some of these romantic Denver restaurants for their Valentine’s Day offerings 

  • Head to Il Posto in RiNo for a romantic Italian dinner. This fine-dining restaurant is offering a fixed Valentines menu for $120 per couple. Dine on risotto, try some ravioli, and enjoy a wine pairing (wine is an additional $35). Be sure to get your reservation ahead of time here. 
  • Another great option is Uchi Denver. Try a variety of things with the delectable Omakase menu, complete with 10 different bite-sized courses, including nigiri, tartare, and crudo, and a delicious almond cake to finish the night. Make your reservations by calling Uchi Denver.

For The Long-Time Partner-in-Crime: 

So, for those long-time lovers out there, even though there’s plenty to do in Denver, why not avoid the crowds and craziness and have a special night in instead? Show your partner some love by cooking a great meal, watching your favorite movie, and just enjoying each other in the comfort of your own home. Because who doesn’t love getting cozy and cuddlin’?! 

Here are a few of our favorite places to grab date-night-in treats:  

  • Marczyk Fine Foods — With both wine and fine food, it’s a perfect one-stop-shop for romance.   
  • Locavore — This new Highlands market has both pre-made and ready-to-make food, depending on how much cooking you want to do.   

Add Some Flowers to your Special Day 

If you’re looking to score some extra-points with your sweetheart (or yourself), go for flowersSend them straight to their office for a mid-day surprise or start the night off with a sweet bouquet. Either way, here’s a list of Denver florists that will happily accommodate your V-Day flower needs: 

  • ReRoot — This Insta-worthy flower shop is sure to impress your significant other. Plus, they just started doing local deliveries. 
  • Lehrer’s Flowers — We love Lehrer’s because it’s been proudly serving Denver since 1920! For those of you old-fashioned lovers, check out Lehrers. 
  • Beet & Yarrow — Beet & Yarrow makes some of the most artfully crafted bouquets in Denver. If you’re looking for something uniquely beautiful Beet & Yarrow is the place for you. 

All in all, whether you’re super single or long-time lovers, Denver is sure to have something for everyone this Valentine’s Day. Wishing you all a happy heart and a great Valentine’s day this year! 

Photos sourced from Unsplash.